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The number one economic news agency in Russia

Founded more than 25 years ago, PRIME specializes in collecting, analyzing and publishing information on finance and the economy in real time.

No.1 most cited financial media outlet*

*Medialogia, November 2023
Прайм - Rossiya Segodnya, 1180, 01.04.2021

A professional team of journalists and analysts works around the clock to make sure the agency’s subscribers are the first to get the top financial and economic news in Russia and the world. PRIME newswires are used by the Presidential Executive Office, the Russian Government, the Bank of Russia and other government agencies, as well as major Russian banks and companies. PRIME subscribers include news aggregators and top business media.

Best business solutions

PRIME professional products and services help our partners to get the best results and achieve their goals and objectives.

Прайм сайт - Rossiya Segodnya, 1180, 01.04.2021
PRIME offers its own line of software and services for business


A tool for comprehensive analysis of companies, assessment of the business environment and verification of counterparties

PRIME Trading Platform

A tool for managing liquidity, performing conversion, deposit and credit transactions with branches and clients of banks