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The Rossiya Segodnya media group is a socially responsible company, guided in its work by global industry standards

Five key areas of corporate social responsibility:
1. Media Power

Our international reach, leading positions in the Russian media market and prominent place among media abroad allow us to direct the attention of a broad audience, as well as government institutions and civic organizations, to socially important issues. The media group devotes long-term projects, as well as dozens of articles and other materials a day, to social issues.

2. Educational programs

Rossiya Segodnya unites experienced media managers, as well as leading Russian and foreign journalists who consider it important to share their experience and knowledge with young media professionals and students in Russia and abroad. We bring together journalists from different countries for productive dialogue and discussion of general issues in the industry. All of the media group’s educational projects deal exclusively with professional topics. The media group also places great importance on upholding historical accuracy and promoting patriotic education.

3. Volunteering

The media group and its individual outlets participate in volunteer initiatives and projects. Rossiya Segodnya supports the corporate volunteer activities of its employees.

4. Responsible HR policy

The Rossiya Segodnya media group maintains responsible personnel policies, providing employees with good working conditions and career opportunities. We encourage them to show initiative and improve their professional skills, reach their full creative potential and maintain an active lifestyle.

5. Environmental protection

Rossiya Segodnya provides media support for initiatives and projects related to environmental protection and resource efficiency. We participate in major environmental events and always try to take a sensible approach to the use of resources in our own work.