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Rossiya Segodnya is a leading international media group offering a range of world-class information resources

Sputnik is Rossiya Segodnya media group’s international brand offering websites in 32 languages, radio broadcasting in 19 countries as well as newsfeeds in English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Farsi. The group’s brands in Russia include RIA Novosti, a leading news agency, and the RIA.RU website, as well as other information resources such as PRIME, InoSMI, TOK/KOT, Baltnews, Ukraina.ru, Social Navigator, Arctic.ru and Sputnik Radio.

РИА НовостиSputnikРИА СпортРИА НедвижимостьПраймИносмиТОКУкраина.руBaltnewsРадио SputnikСоциальный навигаторThe Arctic

The media group’s mission is to provide prompt and balanced coverage of world events, and to keep its audiences informed of different perspectives on key events.

Roosiya Segodnya is Russia’s largest producer of information products geared toward the international audience, the business community, government agencies and the general public.

  • Provide accurate, prompt, balanced and objective coverage of events to a wide audience as well as professional media outlets around the world.
  • Cover news and events of international significance for Russian and world audiences. • Share information with transnational, national and regional news agencies, other media outlets and organizations, and help to deepen information, political, cultural and scientific ties between countries.
  • Encourage the development of Russia’s information society, and cover federal policy and the public sphere in Russia.
  • Promote freedom of the media and an environment in which people can freely form their own views in Russia and abroad.
  • Help preserve Russia’s social, historical and cultural heritage.
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